About Us

Hotel Siddarth, located at Badrinath Highway, Srinagar. The hotel offers excellent facilities and high standard comfort for Spiritual travelers.

  • Srinagar Garhwal

Hotel Siddarth is a combination of a unique manner with the culture and ambience of the town. Its graceful architecture that fits in perfectly with the lovely backdrop of the hills and the greenery all around flows wonderfully into the interiors, ensuring comfort, service and relaxation to our customers. At Hotel you experience India’s true tradition in its most modern ways. We make sure Hotel Siddarth makes your time in Srinagar even more memorable.

Friendly welcome, absolute comfort, appetising dishes: the vital ingredients for a stay that fulfils your wishes. Comfortable, well-kept guest rooms Comfort, peace and relaxation are the watch words for your room. As soon as you cross the threshold of your guest room, you will be impressed by Hotel Siddarth comfort.

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